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[REQUEST]Advanced shuffle control

I really need a plugin (for 0.9.x) with i can adjust shuffle mode in foobar. There was one for 0.8.x but not very advanced. I want to have a control of play probability of track with certain condition. Ill try to explain. For example there is plugin i want. I adjust in preferences 4 rules:

  RULE                                          RATING(<1)
"%genre% IS rock"                                  0.7
"%play_counter% LESS 10"                      0.4
"%last_played% GREATER 01.01.2006"      0.5
"%my_rating% GREATER 2"                      0.9

So the probability that track TRACK will play next is


where RULERESULTX = RATINGX if RULEX is true and (1-RATINGX) if false.

Im not sure that simple average is the best way to calculate probability but it is only example.

The plugin must not calculate play probability for ALL tracks. It only have to skip next track if RANDOM()>PR.
(RANDOM returns number mor or equal to 0 end less then 1).

(Sorry for bad english)

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