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foo_naac problems


I'm using foobar 0.8.3 (upgrading to 0.9 soon, there's still some stuff I need that's not working) and the foo_naac plugin to transcode music to listen to on my mobile phone.  I have Nero installed (registered) and randomly get crashes when encoding to AAC using it.  Some files seem to be fine, some will always crash it.

Has anyone else had this? I noticed the AAC options window in Nero has changed since the previous 7.x release so would this be the problem? 

Is there a better way to use the Nero AAC encoder instead?  I'd like to use it as I know it's good sound quality and I'd rather not use iTunes for this.

Here's a copy of one of the crash logs

Thanks for any help.

foo_naac problems

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The encoder interface changed in Nero 7.2 and the 3rd party frontends no longer work reliably.

There should be a solution for this problem available soon, hopefully today. See the last few posts in:


foo_naac problems

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Wow, thanks for the fast reply!  So from reading that thread I'll assume a proper command line encoder is coming soon  That's great news.  I'll use until then.

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