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Which portable to buy?

I'm looking for a portable player. Does anyone here have a favorite?

I want one
- with an FM tuner
- that comes with at least 64MB
- that is expandible to at least 128MB
- is totally solid state (I don't want to worry about crashing harddrive heads when I drop it)
- is small
- uses USB

Which portable to buy?

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Hi. I couldnt find an mp3 player that I liked much. Pocket concert was the best but it cuts off at 15.5 khz and was very noisy.

It also dissolves batteries if you like to listen loud, even NiMH.

So I got a Sony D-FS18 CD player. It plays CDRW discs flawlessly. I tested many units claiming to do this, but this unit was the only one that worked for me. It only skips if I try to make it skip.

I pick whatever tunes I want for the day and decode them with winamp and a nice HRTF with Shibata-san"s eq.

Bought a pair of Koss KSC-35 cans for running.

I am very glad not to have bought a mp3 player because eq'ing the wavs with an HRTF makes a HUGE diff in the sound quality, and this would be a little awkward with my current collection.

Save $400 canadian as well over the pocket concert:D

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