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"\" tags problem

In some of my ID3 tags i can use a "\" splitter in genere field (under Properties), but not always, in some files i can't.

What worng??


"\" tags problem

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I think this will help

Reading the suggested thread unfortunately gave me no clue.
Seem to be a bug imho.

Most of the times, if one enters Artist1\Artist2\Artist3 the browser window will then show Artist1, Artist2, Artist3 and Library | Album List \ View by artist will confirm that three different values have been entered into the library.

Sometimes, it doesn't work: browser will show Artist1\Artist2\Artist3, thus indicating that fb2k ignored the "\" separators and took them as a normal character within a string; an artist named "Artist1\Artist2\Artist3" results.

When or why one or the other behavior takes place I'm unable to tell.
In my case, only a few files show the irregular behavior; to circumvent the problem it is necessary to create more than one Artist tag, each containg one of the desired values.

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