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Looking for gamers for benchmark testing.

Hey everyone. I'm involved with a company that's doing a project that involves testing audio on a PC. We're looking for some gamers who would be willing to take part in the project.

It would require a total of about 3 hours total of your time broken up into 4 phases over the course of a month (2 phases early and two phases at the end). You'd essentially be playing a basic game during that time.

We're looking for gamers of any age who have a Sound Blaster capable of supporting EAX 2.0 (that's just about any SB from the SB Live! days forward).

Anyone curious about this should e-mail me at the e-mail address tied to my profile here and I'll get you on the list. There will be some compensation involved. This is a real technical benchmarking project and not any sort of sales scam. No one will attempt to sell you anything or share your personal information in any way.


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