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tag for language spoken words and genre

there is a tag (both for ape v2 and id3v2) that is used for language in spoken words? i would like to user it for playlist tree to create a view with various language.

another question
how to proper insert the tag genre (or style) ?where i can find a good database to search for an album genre?should i use more than one genre (genre1|genre2) etc?


tag for language spoken words and genre

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i use LANGUAGE as tag for language... don't know if it's official or something

i don't know about the genre thing either, but what i do is: store the general genre in GENRE (eg Jazz) and define it more precisely in STYLE (eg. Latin) (my example would result in latin flavoured jazz, latin jazz)

how about the rest of you? is there a official/standardised solution?

edit: forgot to tell you, i use wikipedia to look for the right genre or style if i'm not sure. you can easily find it in the box on the right


tag for language spoken words and genre

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found the language field on the id3 website.
  The 'Language' frame should contain the languages of the text or
  lyrics spoken or sung in the audio. The language is represented with
  three characters according to ISO-639-2 [ISO-639-2]. If more than one
  language is used in the text their language codes should follow
  according to the amount of their usage, e.g. "eng" $00 "sve" $00.

they have a old genre list of id3 v1 there which only has 80 entries and doesn't help us a lot. and no information about our genre / style problem.

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