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%<artist>% tag includes composer

I have an album list view set up using the %<artist>% feature.  The view works as expected but it is also showing Composers in the view.  I have a seperate view for composer (and a seperate tag.)  Most of the tracks that show up under a composer don't even have an artist tag.  I have also prefixed the view with $if([%artist%]... so that tracks with no artist shouldn't show up at all. 

Is there any way to tell Foobar that artist and composer should be treated as completely separate?


%<artist>% tag includes composer

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I'm not sure, but you could try using $meta(artist) instead of %artist%.

%<artist>% tag includes composer

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Use $meta_branch(artist), if you don't want to use field remappings, but still want to have a separate entry for each artist.
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Hey thanks!  That looks like it is working.


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