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WMA encoding / converter

The normal method to get FB2K to converto WMA required WME9 and it's command-line Visual Basic script. WME9 is outdated and doesn't work on newer versions of Windows, has anyone bothered to try creating a plugin that uses WMP API calls to do it? There's got to be something out there, or someone could throw one together.

WMA encoding / converter

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It would be possible to write another command-line encoder. Are you sure the old VBScript encoder does not work with the latest encoder runtime?

WMA encoding / converter

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You mean Windows Media Encoder 9, right? First and last released in 2003, never updated except to release 64-bit edition? If not what do you mean by latest encoder runtime?

Your idea for a stand-aline command-line based encoder/decode/tag utilizy would be great.

WMA encoding / converter

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If not what do you mean by latest encoder runtime?

I suppose it's "Windows Media Format 11 Runtime" (wmfdist11.exe)

WME9 is outdated and doesn't work on newer versions of Windows

Fix for Vista users:


WMA encoding / converter

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It's not running on Windows 7 very well, it's not very easy to configure anyway. A command-line based tool would be really great, running batch scripts and adding the ability for many other applications to use it, such as have it decode to STDOUT or whatever and send the data to LAME command-line or something.

Right now I need this to convert FLAC to WMA Lossless for my portable, but I also want to be able to easily convert audio to WMA format that's not otherwise on CD.

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