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Listening test arrangement,

Hey there everyone!
Im just seeking a little advice here.
For my final year project I will be carrying out some listening tests with some binaural recordings. (listeners will hear the samples and draw on a chart where they believe the sound is coming from)

I will have 5 different 10 second samples of an acoustical event. Each of these 5 has been encoded as follows:
AAC, and

(so the idea is to compare different compression methods and their effects on the stereo image of binaural recordings...)

So that gives 5 groups of 5 (25 samples in total)

If I had 1 listener to carry out the tests on, and he/she listened to each and every one, that would be 25 results sheets.

Do you think I should maybe use the approach of only 1 or 2 listeners but have them listen to all 25 samples, or have a larger group of listeners and maybe play them a small selection each?

Im trying to think which best way to do it because i believe the good thing about having 1 listener listen to every single sample means there is continuity in their perception of the event, (i.e. dog barking to the left) therefore comparisons can be drawn between the encoders, whereas different listeners may perceive the samples and (i.e. position of the dog) differently, regardless of the way they have been encoded...

thanks guys!

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