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alternative to teamspeak?


ive searched the forum, but couldnt find anything about this.
do you know of a program, which could be used for online gaming communication?
my dream solution would be like this:
-bandwith conserving (using eg speex)
-not commercial, preferably open.
-server-client based, not p2p
-linux server, windows client

all i could find was speakfreely, but its  basically p2p, and for speex support it has to be patched.



alternative to teamspeak?

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Ventrilo is a good alternative and is said to be better than TeamSpeak by my friends that have used both. I've only used Ventrilo or "Vent" as we call it. Unfortunately it isn't open-source, if you find something that is I'd like to hear about it.


alternative to teamspeak?

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there MIGHT be something similar, a plugin is being developed (hopefully) for miranda but no news recently on it, so if it will work, and work this way - only future will tell... see here:topic on miranda chat plugin.

alternative to teamspeak?

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there's also GameVoice Share. but I havn't used it so I can't say anything about it 
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