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Topic: "I'm The Only Gay Eskimo" by Tenacious D (Read 9455 times) previous topic - next topic
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"I'm The Only Gay Eskimo" by Tenacious D

Er, well I had no idea where else I should ask this question, so bear with my if this is the wrong place.
Note before you read: I'm not requesting warez, I just like to know if it was ever recorded in a studio, and if so, on what album.

I know that Tenacious D played the track "I'm The Only Gay Eskimo" on a radio station somewhere - I came across the recording on some website.

The audio quality is terrible and it is obviously some kind of live concert, so I've been looking for the album this is on.

Can anyone tell me if it was ever recorded, on what album - and perhaps even where I can purchase it?


"I'm The Only Gay Eskimo" by Tenacious D

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Sigh... One guy tags an MP3 wrong and shares it, and suddenly people can't tell what band sings what...

Tenacious D never played I'm the Only Gay Eskimo. The band you're looking for is named "Corky and the Juice Pigs", the name of the song is Eskimo, and it's on their first album, sometimes called The Debut Album.

Also, Phish never did a version of Gin and Juice, that was sung by "The Gourds" on the album Gogitchyershinebox. That's another song that often suffers from this sort of fate.

"I'm The Only Gay Eskimo" by Tenacious D

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There are also songs around the Internet by Tenacious D that don't appear on the album from their live performances. The best one of these is:

    *     'I'm the Only Gay Eskimo' - A variety of impersonations are used by Jack including Elvis and Oasis to sing this song about the only gay eskimo in the tribe. A strange song that contains a lot of 'blubber' jokes!


Just because it may not be writen by them, doesn't mean they don't perform it live.


"I'm The Only Gay Eskimo" by Tenacious D

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H2G2 is not really the best source for this sort of thing. But, fair enough, the D *may* have performed it live, as a cover or some such. Anything is possible.

However, nearly all of the MP3's that float around on the internet of this song are usually the Corky and the Juice Pigs version, which they did on MadTV. I've not actually heard a Tenacious D version, and every version I have actually seen online has been mislabelled as such when it doesn't even sound like Jack Black's voice. Given that he says it sounds like "some kind of live concert", then it's most likely he's hearing the MadTV version, which was definitely not the D.

Oh, and Tenacious D has absolutely never done a cover of it as an album version. I can at least say that with authority.

"I'm The Only Gay Eskimo" by Tenacious D

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...according to freedb, this track is on the compilation "If It's Too Loud, You're Too OLD!" on Virus Records:

also, i think i remember them doing this live, but can't say for sure...


"I'm The Only Gay Eskimo" by Tenacious D

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Thank you for the info guys, appreciate it.

Otto42: Hey, I only know what I was told. Thanks anyway

"I'm The Only Gay Eskimo" by Tenacious D

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I have heard it on a Stephen Lynch album but I can't remember which one, try searching on amazon.
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Re: "I'm The Only Gay Eskimo" by Tenacious D

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The song is on a CD I have. (The song is called "Eskimo by Corky & The Juice Pigs" on the CD)
Dementia 2000!: Dr Demento's 30th Anniversary Collection.
but that CD now seems to be out of print.

Re: "I'm The Only Gay Eskimo" by Tenacious D

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I used to have a recording of this song as part of a Corky & the Juice Pigs show on Channel 4 (UK). Sadly, a long lost recording from a cassette I failed to archive to digital. It was a funny gig with other songs as well as sketches.
However, as a standalone song, the Mad TV version of 'Eskimo' is better, as it features more impressions.

Re: "I'm The Only Gay Eskimo" by Tenacious D

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