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Optimfrog 4.5alpha

My favourite lossless audio encoder has been updated. However, the new version is alpha, but still worth checking out of course .

After a long period of absence, I managed to finish
a new release version for OptimFROG - 4.5alpha.

It has the following features:

- new extensible compressed format
- 64 bits large file support
- enhanced compression compared to version 4.21
- new optimize mode, further improving compression
  at no cost for decoding
- ultra and insane compression modes
- optimal support for ALL integer PCM wave formats
  up to 32 bits
- full pipe processing
- multiple file processing

Not yet implemented, but will be ready soon:
- CRC32 and recovery information
- MD5 hash for audio data and compressed stream
- multichannel
- ID3 tagging
- Replay Gain
- raw data
- IEEE float, uLaw and aLaw data types
- Winamp, XMMS plug-ins and Linux version

Download it from

Also, thanks Matt for giving me credit in the source code
for the generalized stereo decorrelation algorithm ideas,
now used in Monkey since 3.95a1...

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