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Music and gossip: two worlds apart or not?

Gossip damage an artist's credibility
[ 0 ] (0%)
Gossip it's a good way to promote the artist and his music, no more no less
[ 2 ] (22.2%)
Only some kind of artists use gossip and I certainly don't like their music
[ 1 ] (11.1%)
I think some artists are victims of the gossip
[ 0 ] (0%)
I don't care about gossip, I just listen to the music
[ 5 ] (55.6%)
Other (please specify)
[ 1 ] (11.1%)

Total Members Voted: 10

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Music and gossip: two worlds apart or not?

Do you think gossip damage an artist's credibility, or it's only a good way to promote his work?
Do only certain kind of artists use gossip to promote their music and themselves?

What's your opinion about gossip related to music artists?
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Music and gossip: two worlds apart or not?

Reply #1
Strange poll.

I think that no publicity is bad publicity for individuals or groups that wish to be famous.

If you are an artists, and you want listeners, you need to get your name heard.

I am certain that some artists use "gossip" to promote themselves.

I guess favourable publicity is better than unfavourable publicity, but whether the artists thinks the publicity is favourable doesn't necessarily correlate with whether a punter finds the publicity favourable.  I can't actually think of any examples right now, which makes me wonder whether I may be just talking crap.

One extreme method of publicity is, of course, to die; but that may be a little extreme for some.  I would heartily recommend it to many in the charts at the moment though.  I might even use a few expletives while doing so.
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Music and gossip: two worlds apart or not?

Reply #2
Yes, it is a strange poll. The options are not mutually exclusive, so I voted for other. I agree with the first three options. To me, the term "gossip" is a little vague, but in this context I interpret it to mean the public's reaction to some sensational/outrageous words or actions that an artist has said/done. I think such messages draw attention away from artistic merit. And I think it's no coincidence that the most gossiped about artists have the least artistic merit (IMO anyway).

Music and gossip: two worlds apart or not?

Reply #3
You can choose the option you feel closer, the argument isn't easy (and I made it a bit messy  ).

In my opinion when an artist need gossip to sell more copies of his music, then the marketing take the place of the art; the feelings and the ideas of a musician are in his work, not in what he say or do.

If you have to make the people talk about you to get the attention of the mass, then your music does not have much to say to people.
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