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Help required with EAC -> Image

Hey all, still new to this thing so if you could all go easy on me that would be great.

I am trying to create digitial copies of the music that I own, and prefer the image style with cue sheet rather than using individual tracks, and was using flac.

I was using flacattack as it seemed that after setting it up it was largely one click process, but it on cds that have DATA as their last track in EAC, it failed to attach or something, but would be fine if there was no DATA track. If it was not for this I would have still been using this.

I then tried the stickied post on EAC + Image, but having to rewrite tags just seems like a PITA.

Can anyone recommend a way to convert my cds to their digital counterparts. I have no requirement to convert to any lossy format at the same time ( HDD space is cheap and I don't use any portable players ) and don't really prefer any lossless codec over any other, although flac is what I have been using.

Can someone either suggest a way to get flacattack around the problems with cds with DATA on them, or perhaps another method that I should be using. Something where I basically input the data on EAC for track titles etc, hit copy image and cue sheeet-> compressed?

Thanks for all assistance.

Help required with EAC -> Image

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I just asked the same question a mere hour or two after you did, but I totally didn't see this...otherwise I would have just added on to yours. 

I suggested a possible solution here.

Provided the data content doesn't include any copy protection software/scheme (only contains video, photo or text files), you can just use Windows Explorer to go into the CD-ROM's folder contents, select all, then drag & drop the files into the folder where your FLAC image + cuesheet is stored.

After my post, I realized that to keep things a bit more tidy, you might want to compress all those data files into a single .zip or .rar file (or whatever data compressor you use) and put that in the folder containing your .flac + .cue.

If you ever want to burn it all back to a CD-R including the data track, you'd have to make it a multisession cd, burning the .flac (uncompressing it to .wav in the process) to an audio session as the first...then the data files (unzip them first to a temp directory if you compressed them as well) to a data session as the second.

Edit: typo & re-wording

Help required with EAC -> Image

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As I said in superundonny's thread, I don't ever remember having problems with data tracks.  I don't understand why FLACAttack would.

That said, if you just want a FLAC image then your easiest option is just to use FLAC from EAC.

There is a wiki article regarding this, and I see it actually has a link to a thread in which I posted a batch file to resolve the .flac.flac issue.

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Help required with EAC -> Image

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I think you seem pretty well-known around here. 

Thanks again for your replies.

Help required with EAC -> Image

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There's a difference between fame and infamy.

No problems, best of luck with your archiving.
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