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Slowdive remaster 2005

So, castle music decided to remaster all slowdive albums, and throw in alot of unreleased bonus material and rare tracks. For those who don't know - slowdive influenced many of modern space-rock and shoegaze bands - and to some extend even certain styles of electronica (manual & ulrich schnauss come to mind).

On shoegaze forums, everyone is hyping how much better these remasters sound - and that they dont need to turn up the volume knob anymore when listening to those albums.

Here's what i think: They sound worse (and with some tracks, even like crap... -12db Trackgain anyone?!?) and castle music just want to make a quick buck. From all 5 remastered CDs, a few sound indeed better than the originals - i think i could count them with the fingers of my right hand alone.

Overally, the idea seems to have been to make slowdive sound as loud, dull and dry as "modern" music. With some tracks, i sincerely doubt if the mastering engineer actually had a clue about how to use his equipment - "Alison" for example features weird artificially sounding EQ-manipulation.

Unless you dont have the bonus-stuff already, stay away from the 2005 remasters and instead get the originals - or the 2004 "Catch the Breeze Anthology" which is a 2CD compilation which isn't overcompressed.
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