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Suggested Improvements

Hi, was wondering if you can think of any improvements i can make to my ripping etc....

1. i use eac to rip as wavpack + external quesheet, and embed a quesheet with par2 tags or something...

2. i then use foobar 2000 to create mp3 files from the wavpack images, for use with ipod...

3. i burn wavpack + external image + eac log file to dvd, and the mp3s to a separate dvd...

ways i can thinkg of improving:

1. use mareo/react to automate the process
2. use par2 file, quickpar?, to create recovery file from the .wv, .cue and .log files, so i burn 4 files per album to dvd
3. improve my dvd drive to a plextor

can u think of any other improvments, or changes to my way of doing things...
(sorry if this starts arguements!)


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