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wma files in the database

If I move a wma file from my database folder I have to close down all my playlists and clear history before nuking the database to remove it from showing in database search etc. Mp3s just require "remove dead entries". Any particular reason why?

What's really annoying me, however, is trying to prevent dead wma entries from showing in playlist tree. If I go through nuking the database and refresh the tree, the files still show. When you send them to a playlist all the tag information has been remove except from the title field (which also has track number information added to it). Obviously an error message comes up if you try and play them.

I'm starting to think my only option left is reinstalling foobar, which would be a right pain considering the time I've taken setting it up recently and that I haven't looked into backing up my settings yet. Obviously it wouldn't be great having to do this every time I remove a wma file (like when I upgrade an album to mp3). So am I missing something? Sorry if this is a stupid question or anything, I'm pretty new to foobar. Let me know if this ought to be directed more towards playlist tree pluggin people (though I'm not sure the problems due to that).

(editted to say what I actually meant)

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