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AAC tagging

Please excuse the newbyness of this question (is newbyness even a word? lol)

I rip a CD using Nero Encoder (mp4). Then I tag it with Tag&Rename. All good so far. I open up the files in Foobar, but all the tags are missing. So I go through and re-tag them in Foobar. All the tags show up. Then I open the files again in Tag&Rename, but all the tags are missing! arrgghghhh

its like T&R writes tags that don't show up in Foobar, and Foobar writes tags that don't show up in T&R.

Which tag system should I go with? Confused, really confused...

AAC tagging

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I certainly no expert, but I believe that one tagger writes the data at the front of the file, and the other writes it at the end.


AAC tagging

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Save yourself the trouble and use Mp3tag.

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