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multi-encode tool with multiple file support?

Does anyone if tools like MAREO, ReACT, etc. support multiple file (non-image rip) mode?

I'd like to rip each track of a cd to its own flac/lossless file, have a cuesheet, add track&album gain, and have it all moved to the directory of my choice. Encoding simultaneously to another codec isn't all that important to me, but I'd take it.

I remember that flacattack had something of a mode that supported this, but it never quite worked well (no album gain, the file move got screwy, absolute directory reference in the cue file, etc.)

Do any of the tools out there do this?

I view multiple music tracks as being more flexible to work with multiple devices (I plan to buy a squeezebox), and am worried about embedding a cuesheet that might not be the standard. Also, tagging just works better with multiple files, imho.

If someone wants to start the single/multiple debate, that's welcome, but perhaps only after there are a few answers to my question? Then this can get offtrack and convince me of the error of my ways. Thanks all 
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