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Ripping hidden tracks before index 01

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I dug up an old Pioneer dvr 106 and stuck it in my main machine and it was able to successfully rip htoa:

R13 april 7 2008 release
Code: [Select]
dBpoweramp Release 13 Digital Audio Extraction Log from Monday, April 07, 2008 11:56 PM

Drive & Settings

Ripping with drive 'I:  [PIONEER  - DVD-RW  DVR-106D]',  Drive offset: 48,  Overread Lead-in/out: No
AccurateRip: Active,  Using C2: Yes,  Cache: 1024 KB,  FUA Cache Invalidate: No
Pass 1 Drive Speed: Max,  Pass 2 Drive Speed: Max
Ultra::  Vary Drive Speed: No,  Min Passes: 1,  Max Passes: 6,  Finish After Clean Passes: 2
Bad Sector Re-rip::  Drive Speed: Max,  Maximum Re-reads: 150

Encoder: FLAC -compression-level-8 -verify
DSP Effects / Actions: -dspeffect1="ReplayGain=-albummode={qt}0{qt}"

Extraction Log

Track 0:  Ripped LBA 0 to 41425 (9:12) in 1:08. Filename: 00 Various Artists - Hidden First Track (ability to rip depends on CD drive).flac
  Secure  [Pass 1, Ultra 1 to 1]
  CRC32: 9AA6211B

Track 1:  Ripped LBA 41425 to 56787 (3:24) in 0:11. Filename: 01 Mark Snow - X-Files Theme (Main Title).flac
  AccurateRip: Accurate (confidence 57)    [Pass 1]
  CRC32: D1AF8B1D    AccurateRip CRC: 922FB3E6    [DiscID: 015-002c252b-01dab2f0-e90eb40f-1]

Track 2:  Ripped LBA 56787 to 71980 (3:22) in 0:10. Filename: 02 Soul Coughing - Unmarked Helicopters.flac
  AccurateRip: Accurate (confidence 53)    [Pass 1]
  CRC32: C28101E2    AccurateRip CRC: 0F641A12    [DiscID: 015-002c252b-01dab2f0-e90eb40f-2]

Track 3:  Ripped LBA 71980 to 92740 (4:36) in 0:13. Filename: 03 Sheryl Crow - On the Outside.flac
  AccurateRip: Accurate (confidence 55)    [Pass 1]
  CRC32: E4260701    AccurateRip CRC: 2999FF52    [DiscID: 015-002c252b-01dab2f0-e90eb40f-3]

Track 4:  Ripped LBA 92740 to 111105 (4:04) in 0:11. Filename: 04 Foo Fighters - Down in the Park.flac
  AccurateRip: Accurate (confidence 56)    [Pass 1]
  CRC32: 2C729256    AccurateRip CRC: 7129599E    [DiscID: 015-002c252b-01dab2f0-e90eb40f-4]

Track 5:  Ripped LBA 111105 to 126865 (3:30) in 0:09. Filename: 05 R.E.M. - Star Me Kitten.flac
  AccurateRip: Accurate (confidence 54)    [Pass 1]
  CRC32: 51192B29    AccurateRip CRC: 10C1780C    [DiscID: 015-002c252b-01dab2f0-e90eb40f-5]

Track 6:  Ripped LBA 126865 to 154695 (6:11) in 0:15. Filename: 06 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand.flac
  AccurateRip: Accurate (confidence 52)    [Pass 1]
  CRC32: 2E5A377F    AccurateRip CRC: C7DF174C    [DiscID: 015-002c252b-01dab2f0-e90eb40f-6]

Track 7:  Ripped LBA 154695 to 173460 (4:10) in 0:09. Filename: 07 Filter - Thanks Bro.flac
  AccurateRip: Accurate (confidence 54)    [Pass 1]
  CRC32: 1F88D650    AccurateRip CRC: 0B1902CE    [DiscID: 015-002c252b-01dab2f0-e90eb40f-7]

Track 8:  Ripped LBA 173460 to 195934 (4:59) in 0:11. Filename: 08 Frank Black - Man of Steel.flac
  AccurateRip: Accurate (confidence 55)    [Pass 1]
  CRC32: 63F2C500    AccurateRip CRC: 1FB0303F    [DiscID: 015-002c252b-01dab2f0-e90eb40f-8]

Track 9:  Ripped LBA 195934 to 212780 (3:44) in 0:08. Filename: 09 Meat Puppets - Unexplained.flac
  AccurateRip: Accurate (confidence 54)    [Pass 1]
  CRC32: E3088D3A    AccurateRip CRC: 8C5FE17F    [DiscID: 015-002c252b-01dab2f0-e90eb40f-9]

Track 10:  Ripped LBA 212780 to 230085 (3:50) in 0:08. Filename: 10 Danzig - Deep.flac
  AccurateRip: Accurate (confidence 55)    [Pass 1]
  CRC32: 73F08D29    AccurateRip CRC: 6597BC82    [DiscID: 015-002c252b-01dab2f0-e90eb40f-10]

Track 11:  Ripped LBA 230085 to 239892 (2:10) in 0:04. Filename: 11 Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Frenzy.flac
  AccurateRip: Accurate (confidence 54)    [Pass 1]
  CRC32: 41E78CF6    AccurateRip CRC: 73607656    [DiscID: 015-002c252b-01dab2f0-e90eb40f-11]

Track 12:  Ripped LBA 239892 to 268402 (6:20) in 0:12. Filename: 12 Elvis Costello - My Dark Life.flac
  AccurateRip: Accurate (confidence 50)    [Pass 1]
  CRC32: B4AEE2FB    AccurateRip CRC: F88210C3    [DiscID: 015-002c252b-01dab2f0-e90eb40f-12]

Track 13:  Ripped LBA 268402 to 287355 (4:12) in 0:08. Filename: 13 Rob Zombie - Hands of Death (Burn Baby Burn).flac
  AccurateRip: Accurate (confidence 53)    [Pass 1]
  CRC32: 7E223BBB    AccurateRip CRC: D3CF4A44    [DiscID: 015-002c252b-01dab2f0-e90eb40f-13]

Track 14:  Ripped LBA 287355 to 305832 (4:06) in 0:07. Filename: 14 P.M. Dawn - If You Never Say Goodbye.flac
  AccurateRip: Accurate (confidence 52)    [Pass 1]
  CRC32: B10EE0B8    AccurateRip CRC: 9DB98BC1    [DiscID: 015-002c252b-01dab2f0-e90eb40f-14]

Track 15:  Ripped LBA 305832 to 323762 (3:59) in 0:07. Filename: 15 Mark Snow - X-Files Theme (P.M. Dawn remix).flac
  AccurateRip: Accurate (confidence 48)    [Pass 1]
  CRC32: D70546EF    AccurateRip CRC: 890F3CEA    [DiscID: 015-002c252b-01dab2f0-e90eb40f-15]


15 Tracks Ripped Accurately

Further, I was able to bit compare (with foobar) the extracted htoa from the pioneer with the extraction from the matshita in my previous post above and they were bit identical.

So it appears that perhaps my htoa test disc may not have burned correctly, but both the pioneer and matshita extract bit identical data when ripped with dbpoweramp r13.

I tested with the following discs:

queens of the stone age - songs for the deaf
songs in the key of x - various xfiles compilation
blind melon - soup

All 3 were bit identical between 2 drives using r13.

I also tested with sister machine gun - burn, but the disc is apparently slightly scratched enough where I can't get bit accurate extractions.

Ripping hidden tracks before index 01

Reply #76
Sorry to bump up on old topic, but I found this thread via Google while trying to rip pre-gap hidden songs on my CDs. I have two drives (Samsung and Pioneer) and they both rip the gap but it's only silence.

I'd been searching and searching for an answer on how to get these hidden tracks ripped with drives that don't support it and I finally found a way to do it myself!!

Here's my method for anyone else who finds this thread:

1. Using ImgBurn, create an image file of the disc in .bin format.
2. Open the .bin file in Cool Edit Pro.
3. Trim off all the excess audio (the regular tracks) and you're left with the hidden pre-gap track! I used EAC to determine what the 'real' hidden track length was (ie the Start of Track01 will be the end of Track00).

I was stoked to realise I wouldn't need to get a new drive just to rip these hidden tracks. Hope this method helps some others out there too.

Ripping hidden tracks before index 01

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Another thread necro, just belatedly discovered this topic while trying to rip my CD collection.  Apparently my copy of QOTSA's Songs for the Deaf does have a hidden track 0.  The original DVD-R drive in my PC was unable to rip it (it would recognize it but ripped only silence) however I used that as an excuse to get a BD-R drive and that one does in fact rip correctly.  It's an LG WH12LS39K.  Shows up as HL-DT-ST BD-RE WH12LS39.  If anyone would like me to do any more rigorous testing of this drive to help them make an informed purchasing decision let me know.  I haven't yet tried to play or burn a BD on it...

I also neglected to write down the model of the DVD-R that didn't work correctly (it's stuck in my case, but I didn't have an extra SATA cable to hook it back up although that is the eventual plan,) but it's probably 3 years old so likely won't be found on any shelves for sale.  I do know that it's a Sony.

The BD-R in my laptop will also rip hidden track 0 audio correctly.  It's a couple year old Dell Studio 1510 but it's not fired up right now.  If interested I can get model of that unit but it appears to be somewhat integrated into that laptop so I don't know if that will be of real interest to anyone here.

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