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speex command-line........

I want to use a different codebook than speex for quantization fo LSPs.
While decoding speex uses a function called "lsp_unquant"
  /* Unquantize LSPs */                                       
  SUBMODE(lsp_unquant)(st->qlsp, st->lpcSize, bits);     

I want to use some other set of LSPs here. My question is this that is it sufficient to comment this above line and copy my own LSPs in the    st->qlsp  variable.....??

If I do only this much, will it decode the file according to my own LSPs(which are basically quantized and unquantized from some other codebook than speex) ????
I am really got stuck here and please help me out....

The other way of asking the question is what I have to do to use my own sets os LSPs in decoding the speex bitstream to the wave file...

speex command-line........

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these lines are in the file "nb_celp.c"
and function "nb_decode"
/* Unquantize LSPs */
SUBMODE(lsp_unquant)(st->qlsp, st->lpcSize, bits);

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