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5,549,154 Kmd Downloads On In A Week.

Just some thoughts.
I just visited (don't know what came over me ), and saw that as of week ending September 29, Kazaa Media Desktop 2 (still with the spyware and all) was downloaded 5,549,154 times.
The last time i visited, about 3 weeks ago maybe, KMD was at first place with around 2 million downloads per that week.
Isn't it by far the highest number of downloads a software had on
The popularity of KMD just keeps rising and rising.
KMD passes ICQ 2002a at second place by almost 5 million downloads... How popular can a software get?  Any more than that?

So many people installing a software that contains mallicious code, and that practically can't be fully uninstalled, only by using software that fully removes Kazaa's evil tracks from your OS.
Of course, you can go through the hell of removing all manually from the registry, will take you a looooong time . (IF you ever find all..)
Are most of them not aware of Kazaa's evilness? Or do they simply not care?
Just questions that came to my mind.
If you ever want to use P2P software, your choises are certainly not limited.
If you insist on using Kazaa (which has some features other clients lack) you can use the hacked, spyware/crapware free Kazaa Lite.

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