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Monkey's Audio command line

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If you want to embed the cuesheet while encoding (i.e.: without having to do it manually in foobar) you could use the "special" version here and use the command:

-hmw "CUESHEET=@*.cue" %s %d

The "special" version includes some code David is still working on to allow the use of wildcards when tagging from files.  The main benefit in this instance being that WAVPACK also searches the source file directory for the file, as well as the WAVPACK directory (with this in mind make sure that the folder with WAVPACK in doesn't contain a cuesheet).

Please note from David's post that this "special" version may break some hybrid switches.  In this post he confirms that there is no issue with lossless usage though.

Just a thought.  I haven't actually tried it myself yet.
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Does this method bypass the ".wv.wv" extension error?, because that's one of my concerns, you see, I rip in EAC and then remove the extra ".wv" from the compressed image, then embed the cuesheet. Also, all my image files are ripped to one directory named "F:\CD Images\Artist - Date - Album.wv" and all the cuesheets are there too.
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Monkey's Audio command line

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It doesn't remove the EAC bug - it's a mystery that this simple thing hasn't been fixed - I think Andre Wiethoff has known about it for a very long time.
REACT circumvents this problem, and it also modifies cue files for mp3 images, setting file type as MP3, not WAVE. REACT doesn't need the special wavepack version either. Actually, I don't think the option for using wildcards, which requires that only one file matches, is very useful. As you said, most of the time all images and cuesheets are stored in a single directory.

Monkey's Audio command line

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Sounds like REACT is your way to go.

As REACT allows you to perform other batch file steps, if tycho can get it to close the EAC dialogue automatically and provide a variable for the log file, I think it may even be the way I might go.

I haven't had much cause to give REACT a try, but I think I just might do.

Do I wait until the new INI format, and the above, are in place though?
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Monkey's Audio command line

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No, you can try it out now. I will probably throw out the special support for wavegain, because there is no need for it after I added a new option to it. See this. It's not an offical wavegain yet, but I'll bundle it with a new version of REACT. (Btw: one change I'll make in the wavegain version is to let the %TRACK_PEAK% and %ALBUM_PEAK% variables be normalized to 1.0, and not 32768, because RG APE tags want's it like that, e.g.  the REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_PEAK tag.

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