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Are FSSM and ASR a viable alternative to SBR?

ATC Labs is a new codec development firm founded by Bell Lab Alums last year. In a very short time they have developed 2 interesting BWE algorithms.
Fractal Self-Similarity Modeling (FSSM) and Accurate Spectral Replacement (ASR) were presented at the 118th AES Convention here, in Barcelona. The ASR technique is described in this paper and seems not as complex as SBR. OTOH FSSM looks very efficient in quality but not as good in computational simplicity.

FSSM is implemented in their commercial general audio codec named TeslaPro and they claim "High fidelity stereo audio codec offering CD-like stereo sound quality at the bit rate of 48kbps.".

The fractal solution sounds very effective since in their 48Kbps test they are applying BWE in the range from 8Khz to 16Khz and in their 22Kbps test, it applies BWE in the range from 4Khz to 16Khz, this is 75% of the whole coded spectrum.

I just posted this because It found it very interesting.


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