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1.2.1 UpnP and TagBox not installing

My fb2k machine is Eeepc with Win XP SP3 and 1.2.1. which still plays local files and radio streams normally.


UPnP 0.99.43 was working really well with 1.2.1-Beta and my local squeezebox server but with 1.2.1 final has ceased working.
UPnP is shown as highlighted in Preferences -> Components  as not installed. When clicking Install -> Apply Changes Restart, it returns to it's highlighted uninstalled state.

Have downloaded version 0.99.45 and this is still the same.

TagBox 0.212 has the same problem.

As a test I installed AdPlug decoder 1.42 and this installs properly as expected.

Is it me, fb2k or the components?

Thanks for your help

1.2.1 UpnP and TagBox not installing

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Guys an update

I gathered from the lack of replies it was likely to be me rather than a bug.  I got it working again by deleting the playlists created by the UPnP browser then re-installed and it all works.


Mr Snow


1.2.1 UpnP and TagBox not installing

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I’m glad you got it working, but a lack of replies within a mere seven hours does not indicate that you are being ignored or anything else.

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