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Topic: Any DVD-Audio vs. Audio CD ABX tests? (Read 2814 times) previous topic - next topic
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Any DVD-Audio vs. Audio CD ABX tests?

A test that (I suppose) was difficult to perform in the past is quite possible to do now. I mean - we have good resamplers (SSRC),  DVD Audio Tools, and recently - some software to extract LPCM from DVD-Audio . Has anyone tried to do such a test (that is - high-res vs high-res->16/44.1->the same high-res format)?
Sometimes I'm just fed up hearing how dvd-audio is better than audio cd claims without any proof. But I'm also not going to fight for what I believe in if someone proves me wrong - we always learn something new.
Thank you for your input.


PS. I apologize if topic covering this subject already exists - unfortunately I couldn't find any.

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