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What Are Your 5 Favorite Singers Of All Time?

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Balmorhea (band)
John Lennon
Jim Morrison
Freddy Mercury

What Are Your 5 Favorite Singers Of All Time?

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I don't think I'll ever (again) get a stable top 5, but Rob Halford would probably stay on the list simply for making me a metalhead and a total music addict. Had I been an inch bisexual, he'd had a groupie just because he deserves it.

Ronnie James Dio would likely be on the list half the time too.

What about Anneke van Giersbergen (The Gathering)?

On a different note, Diamanda Galàs?

If you don't know Jes Brieden

... hm ... well listened to the clips. Not that much impressed.

2. Sivert Høyem (Madrugada)

Good to see him/them getting credit, though he wouldn't make it into my top 5. I always get this idea that he reminds me of someone, but I can never pin it down. (Madrugada sounds very much Neil Young, but his voice certainly doesn't.)

Nowadays I have a crush on fellow countryman Daniel Solheim (Nordagust). . That nerve from 6:20 wraps the whole song together. Heck, I'll put him at the fifth spot.  A different day it might be the not too different voice of David Eugene Edwards (16 HP / Wovenhand) -- a Christian fundamentalist even the black metallers of Marduk covered as a tribute. Story and Pictures: .
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What Are Your 5 Favorite Singers Of All Time?

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Just off the top of my head... there are too many talented people out there!

- Bjork
- Lisa Gerrard
- Anneli Drecker - Singer from Bel Canto, I LOVE her voice - shame she's so unknown!
- David Bowie
- Freddy Mercury

What Are Your 5 Favorite Singers Of All Time?

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By the way, I'm an old lurker but new registrant. Have always observed this forum and used it to answer media related questions.

This topic has been going on in this forum for years and being the music lover I am, I had to weigh in on this thread.

After reading through the entire thread, one thing is obvious and that is the answer to the original question is relative to the age of the person answering. I was surprised at who was left off of most of your lists so I had to throw my choices in so here goes:

1. Ella Fitzgerald
2. Patsy Cline
3. Andrea Bocelli
4. Josh Groban
5. Linda Ronstadt
6. Sarah Brightman
7. Nat King Cole
8. Sam Cooke
9. Robert Plant
10. Karen Carpenter

As most of you have noted already, there are a number of worthy voices that should be here but these are certainly some of my top picks of all time.

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