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Greatest Guitar Players Of All Times

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1-Eddie Van Halen
2-Randy Rhoads
3-Dime Bag
4-Zakk Wylde
5-Dave Mustaine

Yes  Metal Rules!!

Greatest Guitar Players Of All Times

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I like many artists because of their specific technique, but also because of their ideas or what they have contributed to the music heritage. And sometimes because they take part in some of my favorite bands/albums. Since the number is no limited, I'll throw the first coming to my mind.

Jimmy Hendrix
Jimmie Page
David Gilmour
Frank Zappa
Steve Vai
Joe Satriani
Marty Friedman
Jason Becker
Steve Lukather

Greatest Guitar Players Of All Times

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Jeff Beck.  Top of my list in 1966, and in 2009.  Melodic, stylish, articulate, and lightning quick.  The man can get more styles out of a single instrument than any other living guitarist.  And he plays (typically) without a pick or an effects box.  GE Smith, also one of my faves, asked Beck to show him up close how to play some of his licks.  Beck obliged.  GE said, "I still couldn't figure out what he was doing." 

Also +1 for Django.  And don't forget Charlie Christian.

+1 for Billy Gibbons, specifically mentioned by Hendrix when he was asked about guitarists he liked.

[Eagles's guitarrist - Never heard his name, but the reality is that anyone who composed and played Hotel California deservers being mentioned

Depending on which solo you're referring to, either Don Felder (composer, acoustic guitar) or Joe Walsh (electric guitar).

Greatest Guitar Players Of All Times

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Some bass players were already mentioned here, so I'll add one more:
Cliff Burton (r.i.p.)
After him Metallica is not the same. Not that what I like.

Greatest Guitar Players Of All Times

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Jimi Hendrix - I don't absolutely love a lot of his main studio releases because of the production and cheesy (backing) vocals, but if you dig deeper and hear a lot his raw bluesy wildman jams, it's pretty amazing for the time.

Paco De Lucia - I'd list him over any pure classical players because he brings a lot more passion and flare to what he does due to his diverse styles.

Eddie Van Halen - A lot of people say he is just a shredder and I think they are nuts. Forget the two handed tapping and all that, to me its the high intensity speedy blues licks that are amazing. E.g. listening to parts of the hot for teacher solo. I still don't hear too much playing like that from other players.

Joe Satriani - I can't stop listening to him lately. For me its not even so much about his amazing technical proficiency. It's the slower well articulated melodies and emotional chord progressions in his song writing that are his strength (always with you, always with me, etc.). To me it's like he is the Kenny G of guitar, but not in a sucky way =). Just imagine Kenny G belting out Satriani melodies, so easy to do... ok... flame away =).

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Pretty similar to Hendrix, but mellower. It's the tone he gets via his equipment and hands that amazes me. People buy guitars and set them up like he did just to try to get the tone (yeah I did too). He's the only one out of this group who I can tolerate the singing of too =).

John Petrucci - I can't think of much of his work that I have liked in Dream Theater. But the few solo and small collaborations I have heard amaze me. Somewhat similar to Satriani in style in achieving some strong melodies, but he is probably technically more proficient, and he is more into the improvisation thing I think.

Greatest Guitar Players Of All Times

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The recapitulation till now (after 430 entries):

Code: [Select]
Name	Hits
Jimi Hendrix 25
Joe Satriani 13
Jimmy Page 10
Eric Clapton 9
Mark Knopfler 9
David Gilmour 8
Eddie Van Halen 8
Steve Vai 8
Robert Johnson 7
Yngwie Malmsteen 7
Andres Segovia 6
John Petrucci 6
B. B. King 5
Chet Atkins 5
Django Reinhardt 5
Jeff Beck 5
Marty Friedman 5
Ritchie Blackmore 5
Slash 5
Stevie Ray Vaughan 5
Carlos Santana 4
Chuck Berry 4
Dave Mustaine 4
Dimebag Darrell 4
Frank Zappa 4
Leo Kottke 4
Tom Morello 4
Adrian Smith 3
Albert King 3
Alex Lifeson 3
Allan Holdsworth 3
Dave Murray 3
EddieVan Halen 3
Gary Moore 3
Jerry Garcia 3
Johnny Winter 3
Les Paul 3
Neil Young 3
Peter Frampton 3
Randy Rhoads 3
Robin Trower 3
Roy Buchanan 3
Terry Kath 3
The Edge 3
Tony Iommi 3
Zak Wylde 3
Adrian Legg 2
Billy Corgan 2
Billy Gibbons 2
Billy McLaughlin 2
Bonnie Raitt 2
Brian May 2
Buckethead 2
Duane Allman 2
Geezer Butler 2
George Harrison 2
Greg Howe 2
James Hetfield 2
Jason Becker 2
Jerry Cantrell 2
Jimmie Page 2
Joe Walsh 2
Kim Simmonds 2
Kirk Hammet 2
Paco de Lucia 2
Paul Kossoff 2
Peter Green 2
Prince 2
Richard Thompson 2
Robert Fripp 2
Steve Howe 2
Ty Tabor 2
Vicente Amigo 2
Victor Smolski 2
Walter Trout 2
Wes Montgomery 2
Adrian Belew 1
Akira Takasaki 1
Al De Meola 1
Alberto Cereijo 1
Alexi Laiho 1
allen collins 1
alvin lee 1
Andreas Kisser 1
angus young 1
bela fleck 1
Bert Jansch 1
Bill Nelson 1
Bo Diddley 1
Borislav Mitic 1
Brett Ackerman 1
brian jones 1
Brian Robertson 1
Buddy Guy 1
Charlie Christian 1
Chris DeGarmo 1
Chuck Schuldiner 1
Claudio Marciello 1
Cliff Burton 1
Craig Chaquico 1
Crosby 1
Danny Godinez 1
Danny Thompson 1
Davey Graham 1
David Crosby 1
David Valdes 1
Dickie Betts 1
Dime Bag 1
Dominic Miller 1
Doyle Dykes 1
Duane Allman 1
elmore james 1
Eric Johnson 1
Frank Caruso 1
Frank Gambale 1
freddy king 1
George Benson 1
Gilberto Gil 1
Hank Marvin 1
Herman Li 1
Igor Belsky 1
J Mascis 1
Jaco Pastorious 1
Jan Akkerman 1
Jeff Lynne 1
Jim Hall 1
Joe Kopecky 1
John Amor 1
John Cippolina 1
John Koerner 1
John Lennon 1
John Mayer 1
John McLaughlin 1
Johnny Greenwood 1
Jon Finn 1
Joni Mitchell 1
Josh Homme 1
Joy Basu 1
Katsu Ohta 1
Kelly Simonz 1
Kim Thayil 1
Kuroki Masahiko 1
Kurt Cobain 1
Lee Ritenour 1
Leslie West 1
Luca Turilli 1
Lyndsey Buckingham 1
Mathias Jabs 1
matt murphy 1
Max Cavalera 1
Michael Harris 1
Michael Hedges 1
Michael Lee Firkins 1
Michael Shenker 1
Michael Wilton 1
mick ralphs 1
Mick Ronson 1
mick taylor 1
Miika Tenkula 1
Mikael Åkerfeldt 1
Morten Veland 1
muddy waters 1
Nick Drake 1
Paul Leary 1
Paulo Bellinati 1
Pete Townshend 1
Peter White 1
phil keaggy 1
Prashant Aswani 1
Randy California 1
Rhandy Rhoads 1
Richie Kotzen 1
Rick Bishop 1
rick derringer 1
Rivers Cuomo 1
Rob Eberhard Young 1
Robben Ford 1
Robbie Krieger 1
Robert Quine 1
Roine Stolt 1
Ron Thal 1
Rory Gallagher 1
Rudolph Schenker 1
Ry Cooder 1
Sami Lopakka 1
Satoshi Miyashita 1
Scott Gorham 1
Scott Wino 1
Sergei Mavrin 1
Shawn Lane 1
Skwisgaar Skwigelf 1
Slash 1
Stanley Jordan 1
Steve Clark 1
steve cropper 1
Steve Harris 1
Steve Lukather 1
steve marriot 1
Steve Morse 1
Taj Mahal 1
Timo Tolkki 1
Victor Wooten 1
Victor Zinchuk 1
Walter Giardino 1

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