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[request?] Line In DSP Plugin

Hello all,

I'm interested in seeing, or creating, a DSP plugin that allows me to insert line-in/microphone live audio into the DSP chain.  The reason I want to do this is that I want my live audio to be broadcast using OddcastV3, and while that does have a Live recording feature, it does not allow me to feed it through the DSPs so I can get advanced limiting, equalizers, channel control, and any other DSPs I feel like throwing at it.

If this plugin truly does not exist (I have scoured the 3rd party plugin page and 3rd party plugin author sites), I am a novice/intermediate level C++ programmer, but have no idea where to start with the SDK or with Windows Audio.  If any one has any tips (a URL I can look up to get a quick tutorial on either subject) or would like to try and help me, I can try my best to create this plugin so others can use it.  I imagine it would be a rather trivial plugin to write, but then again I don't really know.

I am not interested in muting input or adding dialogs or optional features, I can control these factors with other means, such as with the volume control panel, or with the source audio external device.  All I want it to do is open the default sound recording device on Windows and record from there.

Thanks in advance!

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