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No album art option in masstagger

The masstagger's ability to rename/copy/move large numbers of files is the single most useful thing I've seen in any player.  I like my current naming scheme, but I'm also happy that changing it would be nearly trivial... the only shortcoming of the masstagger is that there's no way to tie album art to the files that are being moved/copied.  I'd love it if there was some way to drag along a specified file in a file's directory any time it is copied or moved.

For me, the file is always cover.jpg, so copying/moving cover.jpg along with the file wouldn't be too hard and would make my life a lot easier when mucking with the directory structures of a whole bunch of ogg files.  I mostly deal with whole albums and I've got about 750 right now, so when I start mucking then doing cleanup on the album art can take quite a while.

Random though, otherwise I would just like to say that the integrated masstagger, especially the actual tag aspects and not just the renaming aspects, is amazing.

No album art option in masstagger

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 I don't know how some people manage their music-library 
In my opinion dealing with additional files someone defines as useful for his music-files is not the job of a masstagger or the renaming/moving-buildin-function.
If you really need stuff like that AutoIt3 is a great help to make a small application which does this.
maybe save your playlist as *.m3u and let the application handle the relative paths...
Just an idea, I know that there are different opinions on topics like this... there are also different pretensions to a music-player I guess...


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