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Another Audio Format - your opinion

Hey guyz, have u ever heard about AUPECg2 (AUCKLAND UNIVERSITY PERCEPTUAL ENTROPY CODER  - II) audio compression format ?? :confused:
Have u ever tried it ??

Look here:

Than tell me what you think....

Another Audio Format - your opinion

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Yeah, I once tested it. It says it's a technology demonstration... Quality was very bad.
Juha Laaksonheimo

Another Audio Format - your opinion

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Does anyone has any opinion on Qdesign Music?

Another Audio Format - your opinion

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Where can i find that Qdesign codec ?


Another Audio Format - your opinion

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Here: - for Windows - for MAC

The program is called MVP. It compresses audio files to MP3
(probably the worst encoder implementation), MP2 and QDesign's
proprietary format (That has the .MOV extension).

It seems you need QuickTime installed. I'm not sure. Get it at

After installed, go to Options - Encoding, set encoder to
Qdesign Music and bitrate to 128kbps

In the main window, go to playlist and load the file you want to
encode (add button)

Click convert, follow the steps and wait.

Later, you can convert it back to Wave, or listen through MVP to
compare with other formats.

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