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Topic: Hopefully.. Bao. 0.90 Out Today... (Read 2099 times) previous topic - next topic
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Hopefully.. Bao. 0.90 Out Today...

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and looking nice...


burnatonce - 0.90 beta (30th August 2002)

Added support for Mkisofs and Cdrecord under Authoring -> Data CD...
Added option to create cue/bin with D(isc)Dump (using modified exe)
Renamed 'Authoring' to 'Authoring -> Audio CD...'
Replaced lame support with the faster and more tolerable madplay.exe
Added support for mppdec.exe, faac.exe and mac.exe*
External tools (inc. cdrdao) must be located in [program folder]\external
Supported audio files now determined by presence of external decoders
Merged 'Audio CD' and 'Authoring Settings' windows
Added display of ID3v1.1 Track, Title and Artist
Implented Add Folder and Drop Folder to Audio CD
Display total decode time after compile
Fixed Wave files not being added to toc file correctly
Do not show 'Load Project into Main' if no tracks decoded successfully
Disable controls while compiling and display animation
Fixed problem of autocorrect imported tracklist not working
Added Help -> List External Tools
New console engine - thanks to Glen Sawyer, author of mp3gain!
Console readpipe buffer tuned for best performance of each decoder
Executable now compressed with UPX -
Rewrote Read CD progress routines for cdrdao
Added possiblity to cancel read operation and compile project
Prompt user to load created image into burnatonce for writing
Implemented dat filename check of toc files
Removed cue file 8.3 filename warning
Reinstated option to delete image after write
Improved pseudo write speed display
Disable controls while erasing cdrw
Disable CD Reader Settings during read/write operation
Replaced disc info window with message box
More cdrdao error messages recognised
More General code improvements

*directshow filters required for play length, preview and editing.


Hopefully.. Bao. 0.90 Out Today...

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Just got done checking out burnatonce and it's a very neat little tool. At first I couldn't get my drives to show up in it, but I quickly found the solution in the help forum (Putting the Nero ASPI file in the burnatonce folder did it). Seems to work perfectly fine in my TDK VeloCD 24x CD-RW.

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