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How do you arrange your Songs and Album folders?

1 Level:  Music\Artist - Album - T# - Title.codec
[ 23 ] (2.6%)
2 Level:  Music\Artist - Album\T# - Title.codec
[ 137 ] (15.6%)
3 Level:  Music\Artist\Album\T# - Title.codec
[ 350 ] (39.9%)
3 Lev. w/Year: Music\Artist\YEAR - Album\T# - Title.codec
[ 199 ] (22.7%)
Other (this pertains to directory structure ONLY.)
[ 168 ] (19.2%)

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Re: Your Music Directory Structure

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Can someone please explain what this fixation so many people have with the album is all about?

An artist may release a given song on multiple albums. They are often different performances or different masterings.

"Hotel California" by the Eagles must show up on 4-6 or more different albums representing at least 3 different performances.

A number of ZZ Topp songs have been released with vastly different remasterings on "Best of" CDs..

I've seen seemingly innumerable redited/rap versions of some Motown songs.

There may be distinct different versions by the same artist(s) for: studio, live, radio, 45 single, dance, audiophile, and different sampling/editing/rap versions.

With Classical, the same title can show up by different conductors, orchestras, venues, and as played at different festivals.

My song folder structure is:

Ripping session\artist\title\song name-track.

Re: Your Music Directory Structure

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album/XY_artist-song.ext (Most stuff is deleted in less than a week this days)
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