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MP3 audio 5.1?

Some time ago one spoke of Mp3 audio 5.1. 
what are the recent informations?

MP3 audio 5.1?

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Make a search with mp3 surround.

MP3 audio 5.1?

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Thank you Kurt, 
just a question: 
Would Mp3 surround be the equivalent of Mp3 5.1? 
I dream or it is the truth 
Must I deduct that the Dolby surround = digital Dolby? 
It would be able to that the world turns badly or maybe that I become madman

MP3 audio 5.1?

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Would Mp3 surround be the equivalent of Mp3 5.1?


Must I deduct that the Dolby surround = digital Dolby?

No but it has been created by Dolby for sure...

MP3 audio 5.1?

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Far from disregarding your information, I surrendered on the site. 
I have download the encoder and the player then. 
It is indeed a beautiful progress. 
I have make a test and, it is sincerely better (I prefer the 192 than the 128 kbts) 
with a former sound card Creative Extigy endowed with an artificial reproduction 5.1 named CMSS, the quality is substantial.

MP3 audio 5.1?

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>>Would Mp3 surround be the equivalent of Mp3 5.1?
It is surround, not multi-channel.
BTW, I'm unsure, if .1 is possible with mp3 - I thought that mp3 have no low-freq. channel defined...

MP3 audio 5.1?

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Your reasoning is not valid Sirgrey

MP3 Surround different from Multichannel ?
Dolby Surround different from Multichannel ?

Where is the truth. 
The only truth it is that The MP3 Surround is different from the Dolby Surround.

5.1 different from 6.0 different from 7.1

5.1: DSurround, DD, SDDS, DTS (DVD Video)..
6.0: DVD audio..
7.1: DDExt, DTS Ext, ..

MP3 audio 5.1?

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>>Your reasoning is not valid Sirgrey
You are wrong. Seems that you already make similiar statements about hdtv on doom9  (If it was not you, then sorry, nickname is the same)

Dolby Digital have 5 discrete channels + 1 low freq. channel.
(to be precize - mostly descrete, because there are 5 descrete channels up to ~10Khz, above channel coupling technique is used. If I remeber correctly, DD use 1 channel for freq. > 10Khz)
Surround techniques are completely different beast. They use 2 channels and add rear/center channel data to them. Decoder can extract that data and use it to create rear/center channels from that 2 channels it have.
I hope, this will help...

MP3 audio 5.1?

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Small information. 
I believe that I expressed to myself badly. 
I am going to be clearer. 
While thinking about multichannel (I only saw a thing:  1 central /2 fronts / 2 rears  And 1 caisson) 
Concerning specification of treatment audio (separation of the channelx, spectral balance and the answer in frequency) I perfectly join you. 
It doesn't have a possible discussion. 
Nevertheless you must know that some reproductions surround also exists solely on 2 channels, specific to certain speakers. (not very reliable). 
Reassure you, I have good basis to this level. 
Because represent you that my system adjusts itself with the help of micros independent capable to the reproduction of the DTS. 
It was only a parenthesis. 
Thank you, to make me share your knowledge. 

"Seems that you already make similiar statements about hdtv one doom9 (if it was not you, then sorry, nickname is the same) " 
" I don't think that it is Guada 2, since I keep my pseudo Guada 2 on all sites that I register myself." 
Perhaps my clone who is disguised itself, who knows? 
No, I joke. "if the nickname is the same" it is possible.
sorry SirGrey 

NB: if you have the tie doesn't hesitate, I want to have confirmation.

To soon ..

MP3 audio 5.1?

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Sorry to be too harsh, guada 2 - hard day. 

>>Nevertheless you must know that some reproductions surround also exists
>>solely on 2 channels
There is an opinion, that it is true and very possible. Check the forum - article was posted here no more than week ago.

My only goal was to point, that multichannel and surround are DIFFERENT aproaches to represent sound field and IMHO should not be mixed together.
See: any stereo mp3 can be played on 5 speakers - if you have decoder, that will create missing channels (with any algoritm, phase shift, for example). Mp3 suround is designed to create them in more accurate way. But note - the channels can not have a major difference one from anothrer...

MP3 audio 5.1?

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Hello SirGrey,

Do you know the Live Surround?

The LIVE SURROUND is a system of diffusion multichannel invented by Lionel Haidant. He has been conceived for places of concerts, convention and entertainment having objectives of exploitations concerts, video, movies and dance. 
It constitutes a very advanced diffusion system. The "digital crossover/controller" provides all necessary functions for the management of the system of diffusion room or the monitoring in cabin in 6 channels with memorials of configurations: stereo music 2/0, surround movie 3/1, surround music 3/2/1, surround movie 5.1. 
It improves the answer in frequency of the surrounding walls and the spatial accurateness of the sound multichannel thanks to filtering, equating of compensation of acoustics and inherent delays to the process multichannel. 
Any rooms of spectacles, auditoriums, theaters, studios of registration and discos equipped in surround, will pull profit of the functionality of the "digital crossover/controller". The Audiopole societies and Sennheisers propose a range of JBL surrounding walls and DAS and of C-AUDIO amplifiers AUDIO and QSC accepts "Live Surround." 
A certification "Live Surround" also exists. While imposing a norm accoustique and of resonant reproduction, the Live Surround guarantees a quality of the installation. This system, also encourage the adequacy of the diffusion system to the look of the requirements of resonant level limitation as they are defined by the N°98-1143 decree of December 15, 1998 while distributing the resonant pressure better. 
The System LIVE SURROUND © is constituted of 5 surrounding walls (left, center, left rear right, right rear) and of 2 caissons of serious. The surrounding wall to the center can be installed behind a trans-resonant screen. This configuration can be completed of side surrounding walls (left and right) according to the measurements of the room. These surrounding walls can be installed on wall support adjustable or suspended by a device of hangs by threaded inserts while assuring a positioning correct of the surrounding walls for a perfect resonant converture on the zone of monitoring. 
Technical features 
The processor live surround permits the control of filtering, the equating and the delay of the surrounding walls. The parameters of equating include the compensation of acoustics of the room, the reduction of the serious in the case of empilage and coupling of surrounding walls and the compensation of the high frequencies in distance and to the screen of projection. Besides, he/it permits the selection of the answer curve according to the type of diffusion: musical or "video-movies" by simple recall of the memory. 
The processor manages 6 channels, 5 large strips passer-by 20hz - 20khz more a channel low frequencies of 20hz to 120hz. 
Selector of entry 5.1 channels: stereo music, LCRS movie, surround music, surround movie, multispeakers, 
Entered and symmetrical exits. 
Equating of the physiological re-equating surrounding walls for a comfortable monitoring without aggressiveness especially in the small rooms. 
Filterings of the surrounding walls to 80 Hz to limit the distortions of the boomers in the low frequencies and to increase the efficient of the mediums-sharp. Dynamic calibration by channel for a resonant level in conformity with the standards and regulation. 
Delay by channel for a better setting in temporal phase of the surrounding walls and returned of the effects surround. 
Output of the subwoofer with the addition of the LFE + the content of the bass of the five channels 
Levels references 1.23V (+4dBm)... 

For an explanation more deepened on the sound multichannel, I advise you to read this documention alas in French version:

To soon 

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