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LInux CD rippers with logs similar to EAC

Do you know of a Linux CD ripper that produces logs similar to EAC's?  Those logs are helpful for determining which mastering of a CD I have.

By the way, I tried EAC with Wine on Linux some time ago.  It worked, but I uninstalled it because it looked and felt a little unstable.  That was the only time I used Wine, so I don't know if that's the usual Wine experience.  I'd reconsider it if somebody assured me that it was stable, but I'd prefer something native to Linux.



Re: LInux CD rippers with logs similar to EAC

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i guess whipper is the closest thing to eac atm, have not tried this plugin, but check out:

besides, eac works very well under recent wine versions, just dont pay attention to the looks of it ;)

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