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Old Wiki Replaygain Entry


I vaguely recall the old wiki giving way to the new knowledgebase (still a wiki) around the time of some forum update.

I also remember there being an excellent page on ReplayGain in the old wiki - so good that I even thought about pointing to it! I was surprised no one had even hacked a link to it into the ReplayGain homepage.

But the excellent wiki entry seems to have gone, or at least I can't find it

So where is it? If it's not online, does anyone have a copy please?


Old Wiki Replaygain Entry

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Such a simple URL, but the search function wouldn't find it!


Old Wiki Replaygain Entry

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I couldn't access the temp wiki, so I've been polishing up  the Wikipedia entry.

I'm a bit lost with all the old wikis, temp, new, and then more ..

Which should be the central wiki page for replaygain ?

Is it not [a href="][/url] ?

oh, and shouldnt the wiki's main T.O.C  point to it ?

Old Wiki Replaygain Entry

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The wiki at RW was create when it was clear that the very old ha plone wiki wouldn't be kept up.

Then HA wiki (the current you you linked to) was set up as official HA wiki. Then plone wiki was deleted and now a lot of information only exists at the RW wiki. That should be copied back to the HA wiki but taht takes some time.

When HA wiki was setup another structure has made with the TOC. Therefore not all pages are linked. Feel free to add links where appropiate.

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