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Software "ABX" box?

Anybody know if such a thing exists?

I'm thinking along the lines of a simple program or plugin into which you can load two files, hit play, and then switch fluidly between the two input files while continuing to advance through them.

Obviously it's not any good for meaningful tests but it would be useful for me as a thumbnail tool to rapidly assess whether I can discern a difference in quality between two audio files on my PC when making an encoding decision. At the moment I'm having to put two files into a playlist and then skip between them - but obviously each track then starts from the beginning, making it very difficult to instantly compare audio from the middle section of each file.


Software "ABX" box?

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foobar2000 with foo_abx plugin is what you are looking for. select two files, right click, "ABX two tracks", and then tick "Keep playback position ..."

Software "ABX" box?

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That's brilliant, thank you so much.

I settled on WinABX, from here, in the end, and it's just what I was looking for, so cheers for pointing me to it!

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