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Pay pal for Dibrom?

Hey everybody here is an idea that we may want to consider implementing...

Since Dibrom has done so much for us, and he is going through some tough times, and the holidays are fast approaching, it would be nice to send him a gift. 

I know I would like to... plus the money might help him out in this tough time (I'm not implying that his situation is financial, in fact I don't know what he is going through, and don't want to pry)...

So I'm thinking it would be nice for us to use pay pal to send him a gift/donation...

Assuming he has email access (i believe any account will do) this is a good way for us to help  him out...

With pay pal: "Send Money allows you to pay anyone with an email address -- even if they don't have a PayPal account."

This has many advantages... even if he moves across country he can still get the gift, and the giving on our part is anonymous in the sense that no one will know what RD or any other member has given or even if they have given...

Obviously whether or not you give is up to you, and i respect everyone's privacy and choice.

So what do you think of this idea?  All we need to implement it is: (A) an email Address Dibrom can access over the next few months..., and (B) someone to tell Dibrom about this and to get his permisson...

Pay pal for Dibrom?

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As someone who tremendously appreciates all the work he's done on this site and improving Lame, I would definitely be willing to donate. 

At the very least this could be used to pay for the site's hosting fees...

Pay pal for Dibrom?

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no other comments? :confused:

Pay pal for Dibrom?

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Hey guys... this is a very generous offer and im sure Dibrom would be flattered if he saw it, however, its entirely unnecessary. Dibrom is financially sound. He is safe and well, he has a roof over his head, he is getting food.... am i being dramatic enough yet?  But anyways... being as Dibrom is my sole best friend I will be keeping a close eye on his welfare and i will notify the community if any situations arrive that he permits me to share. I think the best thing that everyone can do in his absence is to keep coming to the forum and conducting business as usual. The Hydrogen Audio Project is still in the works and on schedule and this will not change for those who are interested, I would like to say that this will only come to fruition if we can maintain community support. All politics aside, i know personally that this site is Dibrom's child and his commitment to resolving absolute unbiased truth has inspired me to new levels. Please be patient everyone because Dibrom will be back... i promise i will get him back soon  . For the time being, contact JohnV or CiTay or myself for site issues although you will probably get a much prompter response from the former two due to my overloaded schedule. Thanks folks.
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