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foo_ui_columns configurations

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Wow! Awesome work man, you saved me a LOT of hassle. This is amazing.

Keep it up!! 

foo_ui_columns configurations

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foovert 3

foovert is finally at version 3, don't worry no features or UI elements have been removed:

[a href="" target="_blank"]

Changes from 2.2:

- NEW metadata display scripts.
- NEW foovert now uses the folder structure to display song info if meta tags are not present.
- NEW file size display scripts.
- NEW streamed file size is displayed on status bar if file size is not present.
- NEW tracks for image files now have separate file sizes displayed on the Status bar and File / Ratio column.
- NEW single tracks now display genre and year on the album header.
- FIXED broken rating characters that appear on newer versions of foobar2000.
- FIXED missing Style variable on album header.
- Reintroduce global variables "album", "album_artist", "track", "year" and "artist" that returns values based on metadata tags or folder structure.
- Added a option to disable the use of sort tags.
- Updated and improved foovert's documentation.
- Updated layout for codec information for MP3 on album header.
- Rewritten sort scripts to make use of the new global variables.
- Removed "N/A" value that was returned if metadata was not present on some columns.
- Length column displays as 0:00 if stream length value is not present.
- Cleaned code layout on album header.
- "Genre" column is not displayed on Singles layout by default anymore.
- Size adjustments on some columns have been made.

NG Group script:

Code: [Select]
///////// Custom NG Group format script 1.2 /////////
///////// By /mnt /////////

///////// Config /////////

// Group with Album Artist

// Group with year

// NG Group rgb

///////// End of config /////////

// NG Group format
$if($or(%album%,%album artist%),
$if($strcmp($get(artist),1),$if2(%album artist%,Unknown Artist)' - ')
$if($and(%date%,$strcmp($get(year),1)),'['$year(%date%)'] ')
$if2(%album%,Untitled Album),
$if2(%url%,$directory(%path%,1))),' - [',' - [',' - (',' - (',
' (',$blend($get(rgb),$get(contrast),1,3)' (',')',')'$get(rgb),
' [',$blend($get(rgb),$get(contrast),1,3)' [',']',']'$get(rgb))
"I never thought I'd see this much candy in one mission!"

foo_ui_columns configurations

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Use your scripts for NG playlist, Thank you for your work.

possible to change the size and color scrollbar in NG playlist?

foo_ui_columns configurations

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the scrollbar is controlled by your windows theme. some people will use 3rd party windows themes to change the appearance of scrollbars/toolbars/tabs/buttons/etc. or there are alternative playlist viewers like EsPlaylist which let you completely hide the scrollbar and you can scroll using your mouse wheel.

foo_ui_columns configurations

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I do not need to hide (...
I understand change is possible only if the playlist is made on wsh script?

another question, you can change the background color and text in "Column title" NG playlist?

foo_ui_columns configurations

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another question, you can change the background color and text in "Column title" NG playlist?

no. again this something controlled by your windows theme.

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