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Combining tracks

Hello. I recently got some lossless live audio that happen to be split into 'discs' & tracks (file names are 'ph1995-11-22d1t01.shn' through 'ph1995-11-22d1t10.shn' and 'ph1995-11-22d2t01.shn' through 'ph1995-11-22d2t09.shn') and would like to combine the tracks in each 'disc' to make a single WAV file for each disc ('ph1995-11-22d1.wav' and 'ph1995-11-22d2.wav'), as well as generate a new Cuesheet for each file.

How can I go about this? I was thinking of burning CDs of this material and just using EAC to get the Cuesheet from it, but that doesn't answer the question of how to combine the files either.

The format is Shorten (will convert to my choice of lossless codec soon, FLAC), but if required, I'm willing to decompress to WAV for this.

If anyone can answer, let me know. Thanks for your time and patience...

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