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May I make a feature request?  An option to double the song length value specified by the database text file.  Silence detection and fade outs after the loops would be nice too, but you've done enough for us already.  Thanks again for the great plugin!

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As of HVSC #71, the Songlengths.txt file has been removed and replaced with the new Songlengths.md5 format. Any plans to add support for this new format?

Re: foo_sid

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Seconding this request. Please add new songlengths format compatibility to sidplay.

-- Dean-Ryan Stone

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Hello, I downloaded the .sid files for Modern Love Classics by MultiStyle Labs from here:
They play fine in SidPlay 2.6 but they come up with a missing or corrupted file error in Foobar2000 with the foo_sid plugin.
I posted in this thread nearly 2 years ago; having changed absolutely nothing (not even the location of the files!) I attempted to play the .sid files again and mysteriously they work now!

However, I have a new problem. The audio quality of playback is quite poor, marked by significant crackling and popping -- playback in SidPlay 2.6 has no such problem. I went ahead and updated my foo_sid component to 1.43 from 1.42, but it didn't make any difference. Is it possibly something I have configured wrong? I don't have any other SID-capable plugins installed, by the way. (Also, I never responded to your reply to my initial post because this old forum account was set up with my old e-mail address that I no longer have access to! I've fixed that now, hehe.)

I have no particular nostalgia for the C64 or SID music; these are the only SID files I have and the only things I've ever used SidPlay or foo_sid with, so I don't know much about the trappings of this topic. Apologies if I come off particularly ignorant.

I've attached one of the SID files from the (album? musicdisk? demo?) to this post. I can produce audio recordings if necessary.

Re: foo_sid

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Verified that this does not occur with upstream v2.0.1. I'll have to rebase my source around that.

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Bump: Enjoy the new sidplayfp, and new HVSC Songlengths.md5 support, using the upstream INI parser and database code.

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Outstanding, thank you!!

I think I've found a bug. I went into the sidplay config and set the songlengths DB to the correct file (songlengths.md5)
When I did this, all the tracks from the HVSC that I tried, played fine.

I then tried playing a separate SID file, not in the HVSC or its folder hierarchy, and f2k immediately threw this error:

Decoding failure at 0:00.000 (Overflow):
"M:\C64Music\ALBINO_4.sid" / index: 1

Console shows:
Opening track for playback: "M:\C64Music\ALBINO_4.sid" / index: 1
Unable to open item for playback (Overflow):
"M:\C64Music\ALBINO_4.sid" / index: 1

I went in and removed the Songlengths.md5 file from the config (ie I cleared the box) and saved config.
The separate file played fine after that. Put the songlengths file back in and it once again throws an error.

It seems that if a file isn't listed in the provided songlengths.md5 file then it can't be played.
FWIW this is the SID I'm trying to play:

-- Dean-Ryan Stone


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Whoops, I misread how the built-in database code returns errors for unlisted songs. This is fixed now.

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