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ColumnUI Wishlist items

Artwork padding:
I wish the padding around the artwork could be configurable. I realize that when reflections are enabled, there must be a certain amount of padding present at the bottom to show the reflection, I can accept that when reflection is also enabled, but the amount of padding on the left and right side is just too much for my taste. It's always the same amount regardless of artwork size.

My personal preference would be, when reflection is disabled, make the padding on all three sides optional/configurable (all 3 equal with one size setting) and when reflection is enabled, auto-add just enough at the bottom to allow the reflection to show on top of the already configured padding setting (excluding the left/right side)

unsynced playlist view
This sounds cryptic but let me explain. Because I regularly add digital copies to my library it sometimes happens that I end up with (semi-)duplicate albums in different encodings (flac vs wav vs mp3 etc). Obviously I want to only keep the better quality version in those cases. But sometimes the source is a different release/pressing where tracks are different.
example: I have a Meatloaf album "Hell in a Handbasket" in separate mp3's on which he has a number of other artist joining him in some of the tracks. Now recently I got a digital version encoded as a single image with cuesheet. At first glance the two copies seemed identical, just the tracklist order was a bit different. However, on closer inspection I noticed some length difference between same named tracks which turned out to be caused by the track, being a multi-song track either consisting of a slightly different mix of numbers, or because he was joined by a different artist.

Ok, so what I was trying to do was to create a layout with a dual pane view so I could easily compare the track order/song length of two seemingly same copies of the same album. In the left pane I used Album List Panel as navigator together with its own tabbed playlist view and in the right pane Library Tree (the component, not the script version) also with its own associated tabbed playlist view.

The darndest thing however is that I cannot for the life of me get these two views to operate distinct from each other.... the moment I change selection in e.g. the Album List Panel, both the playlist in the left pane as well as the playlist in the right pane show the same content. Likewise if I alter the selection in the Library Tree side, again both the playlist in the left pane and right pane show the same content. They are hard linked to synchronize.

This puzzles me to no end since when present in a single view with a tabbed pane on the left with Album List Panel plus Library Tree script/component and a tabbed pane on the right with playlist views containing a playlist linked to Album List Panel and a playlist linked to the Library Tree script/component, they do act separate from each other in that both playlist views only show the content from the selection in the tree panel to which it is linked.  Changing selection in either tree view component only changes the content in the linked playlist.

Now, I could crudely get around this with an additional setup of Foobar2000, but that adds window management into the mix (e.g. Foobar2000 has a nasty habit of diving to the background after updating tags when another window is behind it in maximized form but not having focus) plus they don't detect changes made to tags in the other running copy, which requires additional work by having to constantly switch to make the other copy read any changed tag info... which has the risk of losing track in which instance the latest version of tag info is showing...

Hopefully this explains the problem and what I would like to be able to do.

multi link dynamic playlists
Another wish I have is for the Album List Panel to be able to specify multiple linked/dedicated playlist views. What I am after is this.
My default linked playlist view, which updates its content as soon as I change the selection in the album list panel, has a bucket load of columns. Like all of the technical info, key info, you name it. If it can be shown in a column, I probably have a column defined for it. This of course has its own issue in that it requires a lot of side scrolling to view that info.
To at least minimize the side scrolling I have a item details panel on the side with custom formatting to show all of these items for the current track. With the downside of now having even less room to show info in the main playlist view. Now, if I could specify multiple (synced!) playlist views to the Album List Panel, I could specify that certain columns only should show on Playlist X, Y or Z and view/compare the info across multiple tracks. Already possible you say, and quite right you are. The thing is however that these playlists are not in sync because they are linked to other tree view type components (like Library Tree (both scripted and component version). Changing selection in the Album List Panel will only change the content of its own linked playlist.

That having this option won't affect the other tree view type components I could care less, in fact, having this option would very likely allow me to dump those other components altogether since I could then achieve this with just one single Album List Panel. Thus substantially simplifying the complexity of my layout and probably raise the stability of Foobar2000 in general (it does occasionally crash (silently dies) for no apparent reason)

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Your second suggestion, unsynced playlist view, is something I wish for to happen too. I tried doing that in Columns UI using ELplaylist and it was a no go. Two playlist viewers function as if they are the same and not disconnected from each other. Doesn't matter if you use two different playlist viewers such as using EL and NG at the same time, still functions as one.

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Your second suggestion, unsynced playlist view, is something I wish for to happen too. I tried doing that in Columns UI using ELplaylist and it was a no go.

If I correctly understand the issue, I manage it with EsPlaylist, where each panel can be linked to a specific playlist, as shown in the attached picture. I actually also have a same name tracks playlist, as OP is asking for.
I'm late

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If I correctly understand the issue, I manage it with EsPlaylist, where each panel can be linked to a specific playlist, as shown in the attached picture. I actually also have a same name tracks playlist, as OP is asking for.
I still only see one playlist panel...
See the screenshot of what I am wanting to create. After I select an album in the Album List panel on the left, the playlists in both sides change simultaneously to the tab linked to Album List, showing the tracks of that album. Now if I select another album in the Library Tree panel, the same happens again in both playlist side. Only this time changing to the tab linked to the Library Tree. That in itself wouldn't be so bad if I could switch one of the sides to a different playlist tab, but if I try, both sides change tabs.  The track listing however is different, since the albums selected in Album List and Library Tree panel are two different albums which you can see in the second screenshot (track order is slightly different and the Sand In The Storm track has a different artist lineup.

I tried your ES playlist idea, but for the life of me I couldn't get it to behave like I wanted.  Which is that I can switch tabs on one side without the other side switching in sync (as in the third, mock-up screenshot) so that I can compare the track listings of each album.

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In ESPlaylist, right-click > Playlists menu, you have to deselect whichever of the top three menu items is on (i.e. deselect 'Follow Active Playlist')

Then in the same menu, it pins the playlist you select. I do this for my 'Podcasts' tab - so it only shows the podcast playlist regardless of which playlist is active / playing on the other 'Music' tabs.



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Well I'll be... That DID IT!!!  :-[ 

You Sir, just made my day (and probably for others if they read this)

I never ever knew items could be deselected in ES Playlist. I've tried reading the sparse existing documentation for it but can't make heads or tails of that strange concoction that's supposed to pass as English...

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