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Small/medium size speaker recommendation

I'm looking for recommendations of small/medium sized speakers, with a price range of about 500-600 EUR/USD. If it's really worth it, I could go a bit higher than this.

The speakers will be connected to a Yamaha AX-590 amp (bought on eBay, and I love it), which is connected to a Santa Cruz soundcard.

I'd prefer two standalone speakers without a subwoofer. The speakers shouldn't be much bigger than about 15" (38 cm).

I haven't listened to any of these speakers yet, but I'm somewhat interested in these models:

Tannoy Reveal passive monitors :
I found a positive review of these ( where the reviewer connects them to the same amp as I'll be using. My brother, who used to work in several hifi stores, also recommends Tannoy speakers in general. The price will be about 350-400 EUR, well below my limit.

B&W DM601 S3 :
I've read good things about the DM602 on this forum (but unfortunately, it's a bit too big for my purpose), and several of my friends have recommended B&W speakers in the past. I have no idea how much these speakers will cost, but I would guess about 500 EUR.

Quadral+ :
I have a pair of Quadral+ ODIN speakers (they cost 550 EUR) on my hifi system, and my brother has a pair of high-end Quadral+ speakers (I don't know the exact model, but the price was about 2200 EUR). Both systems sound superb, and therefor we are both a fan of Quadral+. However, I have no idea how the smaller systems sound. Looking at their website, the Argent 21 and QLX 115 look interesting, but I have no idea about the price. Does anybody of you have any experience with these ?

Any comments are appreciated. Also any recommendations for other speakers in this range are welcome.

Edit: fixed a small typo.
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Small/medium size speaker recommendation

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i've got Tannoy Mercury M1's (their "el cheapo" model  ) and they're AWESOME for me - but then i haven't got anything decent do compare - my friends have crappy minisystems or at best "budget-fi" speakers like sony/technics/pioneer

Small/medium size speaker recommendation

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I use the Pinnacle AC-650's and they're very nice.  They cost around 300US for the pair.  You may be able to pick them up cheap as I think they're out of production.  Also the killer Hsu 12V subwoofer I use with them is out of production.  It went for $750 when I bought it and it includes a 150-watt may be able to get it cheaper now.

Small/medium size speaker recommendation

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There are DIY projects if you are interested. 3-5 times cheaper than commercial(or 3-5 times better)
A good start: vifa 2-way closed box.
or a under-100$-project: dayton 2-way

Small/medium size speaker recommendation

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Hi and try this:   
1) New Boxes........Canton,Mission,ALR,Xavian,Monitor Audio,Chario,DALI,JPW...
2) Or Second hand very HQ older models like....Dynaudio,Sonus Faber,Vecteur,etc....
I recommend for you 2).=High Quality Boxes for later upgrade your AMP.

My step by step upgrades finished:
Midrange CDP...Kenwood DP7090 D.H.Modification
Old Phono....Dual 721/Shure V15 Typ III
2CH Souncard... M-Audio Audiophile 24/96
Today slow CDR(W)... Plextor PX12/10/32TA
Integrated Tube Amp 2x40W....Noble Audio Fairytale (My First Personal Best  Buy)
Ultimate Cassette Deck....Nakamichi Dragon (My Second Personal Best  Buy)
Cables Interlink... Van Den Hull (CD),Monitor Cable(PHONO&PC),Oehlbach(TAPE)
Speaker Cables....Home Made 2x8mm2
...and super fast French Price/Value Loudspeakers.....Vecteur Seconde (First Edition)

Audio Aero+Leedh Nazca is my big dream.... Best result for you - is you ears.

Bye... David

Small/medium size speaker recommendation

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Hi. I saw your point that the B&W 602's are too big for your needs. That's too bad because I am continually amazed at the quality of these speakers.

I sold hifi equipment for years and I can't say enough about the clarity and balance of this system.

Audition the 601's and upgrade with a good quality subwoofer when you are able would be my advice. I am not one really to get in a rave over audio gear but the 602's seriously exceeded my best expectations when I bought them. I bought them sight unseen based on word of mouth, reviews and such.

PS  If you are considering the 601's you may find the Paradigm PS 1000 sub a good match. The whole system sub and speakers would be about 1100 dollars canadian which is about 750 USD. The sub is reasonably small and has a little bit of furniture value so I don't think you would find it too objectionable.

A sub is the only way to get useable response below about 35hz without dropping some serious cash.

Small/medium size speaker recommendation

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You may also want to post Your question on some Audiophile or Spekar fan Forum ... but don't get too deep into cables and such (...) You'll be tempted to test from out there


Small/medium size speaker recommendation

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Be sure to look at NSM Audio. They are experts in small speaker design and have very good customer service. They will let you audition any of their models at home for 30 days. If you don't like them, send them back and you'll be charged only for shipping.

Look at the Model 10. They have a demo pair available for $595/pair.

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