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There's a new Ogg Vorbis frontend called OggShell. I don't think it was mentioned here before, so I thought I would do it. It's made by Stefan Tobiasson. I tried it quickly and it seems to work fine. Link:


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To stefan: Consider supplying a non-setup version. I'm pretty allergic to running an installer for small applications which should just be distributed in a normal archive.

(The reason? I want control over what dlls/vxds/ocx/whatever are installed. I don't want icons or menu items created, etc, etc.)


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What makes you think the author reads this board?


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You mean there's people who don't?!

<chocked expression>

More than directed at this specific programmer, the comment was actually directed at every other programmer out there. This story seemed as good a carrier as any, in that respect.

And the message I want to send out is; "don't release as an installer only".



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Cool, a non drop frontend

Hohoho, don't like installers? Next thing you'll see is people asking authors not to use oscure registry settings instead of plain good ol' ini text files..., or windows for that matter.. hmm but pesky little users don't listen either
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