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Topic: See through CoverArt, make it as you want ! (Read 29632 times) previous topic - next topic
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See through CoverArt, make it as you want !

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...Its seems that when selecting another track for which no image exists, the coverart does not display the defaut image but keeps the previous image instead. Any idea ?

...Would it be possible to have the Cover Art NOT on top of other applications than Foobar ?
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1) Have you  lookversion.png in folder "foobar2000\components\foo_looks\Default " ?
please, download file at the top of tread and extract all files to foo_looks folder.

2) no, it is not possible, foo_looks2  behavior don't permitted this
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See through CoverArt, make it as you want !

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how can i modify this skin to make it show nothing whatsoever if album art is not found. or my own personal graphic. i tried to define one in the  defaultArtFile variable but it still shows the gray box with foo looks version 2.1 on it.
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make your personal graphic and save as png file in same folder than lookversion.png, default is:  c:\foobar2000\components\foo_looks\Default

edit look, find this line :

replace lookversion.png by yourpersonalgraphic.png
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See through CoverArt, make it as you want !

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Fixed, thank you.
about mouse controlls, it's true, they are little unconfortable: have you a idea to make it more confortable?

So this is my sugestions about your skin but do what you need and wont to. I'm glad  to see new skins and can always help.

-My sugestion about mouse controlls is to show some buttons on rollover your album art with all functions. Or show it in other mouse button (like rightclick)

-Secound one is to make window size the same as cover size and resize it when refreshing (next image loading) . Your window have for now (two) constans dimentions. When you do this- render erase will not needed. This operation will glue cover like window and save CPU. To hide window you can use windows resize to height 0 for example.

-Third one is to change search of graphical files on this way:
Code: [Select]
    string search1 "*front*"
    string search2 "*cover*"
    string search3 "*back*"
    string search4 "*cd*"
    string search5 "*"

But this are only sugestions (i stress it again). I do not wont you to make my way skin  (I have already one).

Regards Hadda

See through CoverArt, make it as you want !

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thank you for suggestions Hadda

1) rollover...  it is the solution but i haven't time now
2) now skin have only one  constant dimention, please, what is exactly fonction to resize window?
3) done

Regards, Melomane
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See through CoverArt, make it as you want !

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You used this function in your skin.

Code: [Select]

This code will do nothing but it is point when you can start. If you change it to:

Code: [Select]

then skin will heve dimentions as image . Every time when you resize window with this function skin will refresh and erase (like render erase but ones) all area and paint skin again .
So to hide skin simply is to use:
Code: [Select]
(i not tested this 0,0 but it when you hide image sprite then when window will change image will be erase )

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