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Re: Channel Mixer (foo_channel_mixer)

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For me this was the best part of foobar to be honest, I hope you make it work for the newest update, and if not, tell me an older version which works with your component

Re: Channel Mixer (foo_channel_mixer)

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I'm so happy I made it work by going to preferences/DSP manager then adding the channel mixer, instead of playback/channel mixer.

phew, I'm never upgrading foobar ever
sorry for multi posting, I didn't know how to edit xD

Re: Channel Mixer (foo_channel_mixer)

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I'm trying to get this to work for stereo sources: 2.1 output (left, right and 1 or 2 subwoofer channels)

6 output channels (all checked)

Upmix mode "copy" or "surround" results in subwoofer channels, but none of the subwoofer settings have any effect. The full frequency range signal is sent to the sub.

With upmix mode "none" (which should be the correct setting according to this thread) there is no subwoofer channel.

Any ideas?

Re: Channel Mixer (foo_channel_mixer)

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I am working on a 5.1.4 speaker layout and want to time align the 10 channels of playback in foobar.

Any chance channel mixer could be updated to support 10+ channels?

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