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Mysterious no sound in Foobar/EAC

Help an iTunes user switch to EAC/Foobar. Using Toshiba laptop/Win XP Home.

I downloaded Foobar, EAC, followed instructions.  I test ripped a couple of
tracks in .wav using EAC, dragged them to Foobar.  I selected a song and pushed
"play."  The play arrow is moving to the right and on the bottom left, it shows
proper kbps.  But no sound.  No sound out of laptops's soundcard, and no sound
when chosen M-Audio Transit.  Both works fine with iTunes still.  I've asked and
shown people the desktop, and no one can figure it out.  I've tried every combo
of "Output" options in Foobar.  All volumes are set at "max."

What could be the problem?

Also, I downloaded Asio4All to try to skip K-mixer in Foobar.  When I select the
M-Audio transit in ASIO window and try to save or exit, something crashes and my
computer reboots itself.  I get the "you wanna send error report" message.

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