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Yet Another CD-Archiving Question


well, as the title already sais, I'm planing to archive my CD's.
I plan to rip my CD's as one big WAV(lossless encoded) + Cue-File.
Ok, so far, so good.

I knew, that compressing the wav lossless is a good idea and that most of the lossless encoders have cue-sheet-support and that foobar is able to read this information.

What I'm missing is this:
Cue-sheets are very limited to the attributes that are allowed. Of course, you can add attributes marked as a comment, and there is a foobar-plugin that reads such remarked attributes

My problem is the separation of track-information and album-information. I don't want to add information like "rem album-series=Dream Dance" or "rem series-volume = Volume 33" to each track in the cue, but no program is able to read such information out of the header of the cue-sheet.  Some pieces of classic have sections inside the cd, like "Beethonven, Sympony Nr 5, 1. Allegro con brio, 2. Andate con moto, 3. Allegro, 4. Allegro". I want to be able, to mark such sections inside my CD-archive too.

And of course, i don't want to be limited to the foobar-database. I want to move such a CD-archive to another PC without importing the information to a database anyhow.

Is there any other general CD-Volume-Specification-Format around, eg in XML which fulfills my need?

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