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Re: Columns UI

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I have done several tests and I have discovered that it only fails in mp3 files

DISCNUMBER field should only contain a number. From ID3v2.3 specification -

The 'Part of a set' frame is a numeric string that describes which part of a set the audio came from. This frame is used if the source described in the "TALB" frame is divided into several mediums, e.g. a double CD. The value may be extended with a "/" character and a numeric string containing the total number of parts in the set. E.g. "1/2".

It sounds like you should be making a custom DISCSUBTITLE field for the text. Or possibly SET SUBTITLE if you want to map it to TSST frame (ID3 Tag Mapping)

Re: Columns UI

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@musicmusic , not sure if it's a CUI bug, but every time I create a modal dialog in my component all panel settings (in all my panels) are forcefully saved.
Parent dialog of the modal dialog is based on `uie::window`. Panel setting saving is invoked via `void get_config( stream_writer* writer, abort_callback& abort ) const` method.
And it does not matter which modal dialog it is - every one exhibits the same behaviour.

Call stack looks like this:
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Re: Columns UI

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It's difficult to tell what those foo_ui_columns addresses are in the call stack from the information there, but:

- foo_uie_panel_splitter seems to be the actual caller in all three cases. Can you reproduce the problem without it and foo_ui_hacks?
- debugging symbols (PDBs) for all semi-recent Columns UI versions are available on the GitHub releases page. If you load the relevant PDB the call stack should show what bit of code in Columns UI is being hit. Similarly, it would be useful to load symbols for Windows libraries.


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