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Re: Columns UI

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Any chance of implementing support within the CUI status pane for global variables and also for the special titleformat values such as the ones below?
Code: [Select]
I would need the latter to calculate how long ago a track was played. Works fine in CUI playlist columns, but not within the status pane.

Re: Columns UI

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Can't make any promises, but they both sound like reasonable requests to me 🙂

Re: Columns UI

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Sorry, there is not currently a way to control that padding. It should be marginally increased in the next version if you are using a display scaling factor (DPI) greater than 100%, though.
I'm somewhat confused here.

Do you want to expand the blue highlight to the edges? If so, that's weird, because for me it uses 100% of the available horizontal space by default (it does not get cut off on the sides). Maybe a PSS thing, not sure.

Do you want to increase spacing on the left and right of the text, so it's more centered? Should be doable by adding spaces to the display settings of playlist switcher. Will break search by typing.

Do you want to just increase the separation between different UI elements? You can set the divider length for CUI or there are padding settings when using the Panel Stack Splitter component.

You could also try the Playlist Organizer component, maybe it'll be more to your liking.

Hey guys. Is there any chance this can be done now? I just mean the blue highlights. See iTunes for reference, which has a lot more padding.

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